Ida Freeman’s Feature Teacher

Kimberly Wilcox, Resource TeacherKim Wilcox

How long have you been teaching & where?

  • This is my 32nd year teaching. I taught 2 years in Olive, OK and 30 years in Edmond.

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

  • Seeing a student finally understand a concept that they have struggled learning. Also, watching their face light up when they are successful!

What is the funniest thing you have had to do while teaching?

  • While on hall duty in the morning, I turned around and there was a SHEEP walking down the hallway!

What is the strangest thing you have had to do while teaching?

  • I literally lived on the playground for a year.

What is your goal for your students?

  • To understand what they are reading so that reading can be fun for them and not something they dread their whole life.