This is an optional club that typically meets on Tuesdays during 4th & 5th grade lunch & recess. Students will need to bring their lunch to the library for a book discussion and activity. They will need to read their pages before book club & bring their book to each meeting!

Book club for 4th & 5th grade students have finished for the year. We will begin next school year, 2016-2017. Look for updates in September!

We will be having a 3rd Grade Book Club to introduce students into how book club works. It will be a shortened version of the traditional book club. It will meet on Mondays during the 3rd grade lunch & recess period. Book choices include a variety of reading levels and interests, so that each student can find a book that will get them excited about meeting and reading!

If you would like to participate in the 3rd Grade Book Club, then please sign and return the Book Club Form to the library by the due date listed. Please note, due to limited space only the first 20 students with returned forms will be allowed to participate.

3rd Grade Book Club

Mondays 10:30 am-11:35 am

Dates: April 25, May 2, May 9, & May 16